ATV 12″ Splash Cymbal


ATV 12″ Splash Cymbal

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ATV 12″¬†Splash Cymbal

The cymbals include plenty of design details that work together to create a playing experience as close to that of an acoustic cymbal! The cymbals can be played and choked anywhere around their full circumference, this means there’s no longer any need for rotation stoppers that prevent natural cymbal motion. To see how the newly designed pivot allows the cymbal to swing naturally in all directions, simply place the cymbal on the stand. This isn’t the only natural detail this cymbal replicates, the whole cymbal flexes and wobbles when it’s thin tapered edge is struck. The silicone playing surface combines amazing playability and great feel with its excellent ability to be silent.¬†


  • Realistic and natural feel
  • More freedom of motion for cymbals
  • Newly designed pivot


  • 12″ Splash


    • aD-C12

    ATV 12" Splash Cymbal