DESIRABLES ADORI – Porcelain Massage Stones

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DESIRABLES ADORI – Porcelain Massage Stones

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Desirables Adori

The Desirables Adori are handmade porcelain massage stones that are unique to Desirables. Their innovative design will help you provide a wonderful massage at home even if you are a newbie. The porcelain stones will easily fit within the palm of your hand thanks to their ergonomic shape.

The pressure will be put on the stones, instead of your hands and joints, allowing for a longer, more in-depth and more pleasurable massage for you and your partner. The Adori comes in three different design, and therefore, provide different type of pressure and target different muscles according to what you need.

Desirables Adori Features

      Each box includes: set of 3 porcelain massage stones, storage bag, informative booklet and authenticity certificate

      2 finishes (one side is glazed for a smooth feel on the skin, the other is left natural for a better grip)

      Ambidextrous use

      DESIRABLES ADORI - Porcelain Massage Stones