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Hoverboard charger not working? Buy a replacement 36v hoverboard charger and get back on in just a matter of hours.

Top Quality Design

Most hoverboard chargers are cheap and lightweight. You can easily recognize this by simply picking them up, and prove their lack of quality by putting them on a scale and weighing them. 

This Charger Other Chargers
Multiple Certifications Certifications Unknown
Heavy Light
Small & Compact Large, Bulky
Money-Back Guaranteed to Fit! Not Guaranteed
1-Year Warranty Included Not Warrantied

Our chargers also have protections against fires as well, don’t be the next one on the news for a hoverboard explosion! Our chargers are protected from short circuits, over-voltage, over-current, and reverse polarity connection!

One-Year Warranty

If you buy a hoverboard charger from us and it either doesn’t fit, or it doesn’t last a full year, we will replace it free of charge!

Universal Design

Our chargers are compatible with all models of hoverboards with 3-pin charging ports, and we guarantee it. Browse the list below for models we know are compatible. Even if yours isn’t on the list, it is probably still compatible!

Not only are our chargers compatible with all models, but we also offer 4 variants of the chargers for the most popular global regions:

  • Type A (USA, Canada, and Mexico)
  • Type C (Europe, South America, and Asia)
  • Type G (UK, Ireland, Malta, Malaysia, and Singapore)
  • Type I (Australia, New Zealand, China, and Argentina)

Charger Models

  • KingJT
  • Model 36-L04
  • Model 420020
  • Model AK4202
  • Model CC3615
  • Model HG6S360160
  • Model HK-42-2000
  • Model JC-40-60V
  • Model JMD360200-C
  • Model JN-L10S20
  • Model JN-L10S20-CE
  • Model LA3610
  • Model LT01
  • Model MPT12
  • Model PA-84W
  • Model QY0291205000
  • Model RYD-42-2000
  • Model SND-361
  • Model XDSS-422000E
  • Model XVE-4200200
  • Model XV-1508291104
  • Model YZPOWER
  • Model ZYT-201
  • Many more!!

Self Balancing Scooter Models

  • AlienBoard
  • CHIC SmartS1
  • ERover
  • Dreamboard
  • DriftScooters
  • GliderBoards
  • Glyro
  • IO Hawk
  • iWalk
  • Halo Rover
  • Hover X
  • Jetson Glyro
  • KooWheel
  • Leray
  • Likary
  • Monorover (R2, R1)
  • Moonet Mini
  • Ninebot
  • OxBoard
  • PhunkeeDuck
  • Powerboard
  • Razor Hovertrax
  • Razor Hovertrax 2.0
  • Sharper Image SOGO
  • Skeeterboard
  • Skque
  • Skywalker
  • Smart Balance Wheel
  • Swagway, Swagtron
  • Uwheels
  • Many more!!

If yours isn’t on the list don’t worry! Our hoverboard charger is probably compatible with yours anyways!

    Best Hoverboard Charger

    Don’t be the next hoverboard fire victim, buy a high-quality hoverboard charger that is backed by a warranty.

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        North America (Type A), Europe (Type C), United Kingdom (Type G), Australia NZ (Type I)


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