Leechman – Flesh – Size 2


Leechman – Flesh – Size 2


“The Chloris Leechman was spawned as a result of tweaking egg sucking leech and articulated bunny leech patterns. I wanted an easy to tie, durable work horse that I could fill my boxes in a desired color array. The Trinity and Rogue rivers are two of my favorite early season Steelhead fisheries, and some of my favorite runs include boulder gardens, or ledge rock. So, having a slightly weighted fly to scratch those would be key. Adding the bead head to an articulated bunny leech gave it the little bit of desired weight. To that, I added a little flash a bou, and an accent color with a brushed dubbing color. After the first field tests on the Trinity and Rogue, the Fly was a success. I now have one UPG double wide box dedicated to a healthy assortment of the fly. The name just popped into my head one day at the vise. I thought that there couldn’t be a better name for a leech pattern, and play on the great actress Chloris Leachman’s name.” – Morgan Thalken

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Size 2

Leechman - Flesh - Size 2

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