Malted Milk Chocolate Bar

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Malted Milk Chocolate Bar


If you’ve always loved malted milk balls, keep reading. This extremely special dark milk chocolate bar is made with malted barley flour from Asheville’s Riverbend Malt House, the same place French Broad Chocolates hails from. You’ll taste nutmeg, cinnamon, and a little bit of texture from the local grass-fed, organic milk powder they use in the mix. Basically, it’s like noshing on a malted milk ball dressed as a dreamy chocolate bar. Enjoy. 

Tip of the Tongue: 

Sometimes when you need a little something sweet, you mean that literally. These mini squares are the perfect size for those cravings that are small but mighty. Midday slumps and after dinner sweet cravings, be gone.

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Small bar (28g)

Malted Milk Chocolate Bar

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