Nyanpan Flavor Stack Wood Pin or Magnet


Nyanpan Flavor Stack Wood Pin or Magnet

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Sweet little melon bread kitty, Nyanpan is a feisty little feline that loves playing in wicker baskets and plastic bags. Here he stacks in a playful pile with his flavored friends, Melon and Sakura Nyanpan!

These eco-friendly wooden items are professionally printed on maple wood and have a significantly lower impact on the environment than enamel pins. The image is scratch and weather resistant, ensuring the piece remains in good condition even when being worn.

Please note that wood is a natural material which means that the color, grain, and texture of each piece will be slightly different.

Pin version has double posts and rubber clutch attachments on back. Magnet version has a single flat, round magnet on the back.

Size: 1.5” wideMaterial: Maple wood

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Nyanpan Flavor Stack Wood Pin or Magnet

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