SMP Community Grade 0 Size 1 Key Locking Safe


SMP Community Grade 0 Size 1 Key Locking Safe


Ext Size (mm): 456H x 405W x 435DCash Cover: £6000Jewellery Cover: £60,000Locking: Key LockVolume & Weight: 32L & 72KGFixing Hole: Floor

The SMP Community Grade 0 Size 1 Key Locking Safe

The SMP Community Grade 0 is a lightweight, high performance cash safe designed specifically for domestic and small business use. Perfect as a home safe or an office safe, these cash safes helps to protect assets against unauthorised removal.

These safes are available in 5 sizes and include an adjustable internal shelf. The 4 way bolt work helps to secure the safe along with a class 1 lock to further lock it. This lock is met with further resistance as it is protected by a drill resisting material.

All safes come with an option to upgrade the lock to a digital lock or a time delay lock.

With a cash rating of £6,000 and £60,000 in valuables. Designed and manufactured in the UK. The SMP Community Grade 0 range all come with key lock as standard.

The SMP Community Grade 0 range has approval from the Association of Insurance Surveyors (AIS) which means these safes are Insurance Approved. They have also been approved by Eurosafe which means the Community range are all Eurograde tested.

If a deposit safe is required, there are 2 depository options that can be added onto the safe. An envelope deposit and a capsule deposit. These will benefit environments where cash or documents need to be deposited on a regular basis.

Please note that any additional extras such as a deposit option or a secondary key lock may cause a delay in lead times as these will be made to order.



UK Mainland – Drop Off Delivery – FREE

Delivery date for this product is up to 2 to 3 weeks. Drop off delivery is a standard kerbside drop off delivery service that will arrive on a tail lift vehicle. These are delivered by a courier who will deliver the item to your kerbside only. It is your responsibility to move the unit from kerbside to your premises. These Items will usually require 2 or more people to move. Please note a signature will be required

UK Mainland – Delivery & Installation to a ground floor location – FREE (No more than 2 steps along the access route.)

Once your order has been placed, we will get in touch with you to confirm an installation date – depending on the availability of our expert engineers.

Please make sure that if you are having you safe bolted to a wooden floor to check for wiring and piping before our arrival as we are unable to check for pipes or wires.

Installation to an upper/lower floor – POA

Please send pictures of the stairs leading to the location, your name, postcode and safe you would like to purchase. You can fill in our quotes form HERE.

If there is a lift that can withhold the size and weight of the unit and there are no more than 2 steps along the access route this will be classed as ground floor delivery

Download- SMP Community Grade 0 Specification

What does cash cover mean on a safe?

The cash cover tells you the amount of cash the safe is designed to protect. You may see the terms cash rating, security rating, insurance rating or cash cover these all have the same meaning. The Jewellery cover tells you how much the safe is designed to protect for jewellery, watches or any other valuables. You may see the term valuables rating; this has the same meaning as jewellery cover.

To find the jewellery cover on a safe just times the cash cover on a safe by 10. Cash cover £6,000 times by 10 makes the jewellery cover £60,000. A £6,000 cash cover safe will let you keep up to £6,000 of cash or £60,000 of valuables. It can’t hold both for insurance purposes. Your option is to mix the value of cash (e.g. £3,000) and valuables (£30,000) to maintain the insurance limit.

If you are going through your insurance company your Insurance company will tell you what cash cover your safe will need to have depending on your cash or valuables that you would like to cover.

SMP Community Grade 0 Size 1 Key Locking Safe