Vic Firth Signature Series — Keith Carlock Drumsticks

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Vic Firth Signature Series — Keith Carlock Drumsticks


Vic Firth Signature Series Sticks

Percussionist Vic Firth founded The Vic Firth Company in 1963! Vic’s ability to seamlessly and successfully incorporate new ideas has drove this long-standing company to the success it posses today. Key manufacturing features, still used today, were invented by Vic, carrying that tradition forward The Vic Firth Company continues setting the standard within in the industry. Vic Firth, whilst providing the best possible products, also ensures they are remaining environmentally friendly! By being hands on with sourcing, heating and other factory efficiencies, they are able to constantly evolve, finding new ways to improve their commitment to sustainability.

Vic Firth is where artist collaboration was born! In the Early 80’s Vic’s signature sticks were under-go, despite it never being done before, Vic and Steve Gadd saw huge potential in the vision to open up artistic and musical opportunity. Signature Series models are made with exceptional care and respect for artistry and musicality, designed through extensive research, side-by-side with the worlds finest drummers, ensuring to select a wide variety of musical styles. These collaborations reflect the artist’s musical requirements in terms of feel, sound projection and cymbal colour, putting their personal touch into your hands!


  • Hickory
  • Heavy Lacquer Finish
  • Small Tear Drop Tip
  • Long Taper
  • Precise Sound
  • Superior Bounce
  • Fast Sloping Taper


  • Diameter: 1.41cm
  • Length: 40.64cm


  • VF-SKC

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Vic Firth Signature Series -- Keith Carlock Drumsticks

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