VOLT Cool Cajons 2 – The Ammo


VOLT Cool Cajons 2 – The Ammo

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The new Volt Cool Cajons are impressive because of their high-quality features and fantastic sound. The revolutionary and unique 4-layer covering not only enhances the cajons’ resonance behaviour and projection, but also gives them a distinctive appearance. Together with the printed playing surface, the body’s lovely wood grain enhances the cajons’ distinctive individuality. Made by hand in Spain using premium birch wood that has been carefully chosen with sustainability in mind. Four strings make up the V-Shape snare system, which is easily adjustable from the outside. The Volt Cajon’s non-slip feet not only ensure stability, but also separate the sound of the instrument from the floor and enhance its tonal qualities.

This product does come with a free seat pad made from light foam rubber, so that you can sit comfortably on your cajon.


  • Adjustable V-shape snare system with 4 strings
  • Fully bolted playing surface
  • High-quality, hand-selected Baltic Birch
  • Playing surface: birch 2.6 mm, 3-ply, printed + 3-ply lacquered
  • Sides: birch 9 mm, 7-ply, 4-ply lacquered
  • Back: birch 6 mm, 5-ply, 4-ply lacquered
  • Dimensions: 29 x 30 x 48.5 cm



VOLT Cool Cajons 2 - The Ammo